December 2019 Calendar Printable with Holidays PDF and JPG

Plan for December 2019 with this December 2019 Calendar Printable featuring government and religious holidays. Free to download and print.

December 2019 Printable Calendar

december 2019 printable calendar with holidays and moon phases
This December 2019 Printable Calendar come with weekends highlight and included us holidays, moon phases even two mini calendars.

2019 Printable December Calendar

printable 2019 december calendar with holidays moon phases and 12 mini calendars
This 2019 Printable December Calendar included 12 mini calendars at the right of it. The calendar designed with us federal holidays and observances. Very nice calendar for your home, office or school.

December Calendar 2019 Printable

december calendar 2019 with holidays and moon phases
An other December Calendar 2019 Printable with holidays for you. Free download and easy to print.

Calendar 2019 for December

calendar december 2019 printable with holidays
Free simple December 2019 calendar printable with holidays. This simplate calendar but you can use for any place you want. Just go ahead to download and print it.

December 2019 Holidays

If you want to known holidays in this December 2019 then is the list for you. It include us federal holidays and national observances.
Dec 2 – Cyber Monday 2019.
Dec 6 – St Nicholas’ Day 2019.
Dec 7 – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2019.
Dec 12 – Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe 2019.
Dec 13 – National Guard Birthday 2019.
Dec 17 – Pan American Aviation Day 2019.
Dec 17 – Wright Brothers Day 2019.
Dec 21 – December Solstice 2019.
Dec 24 – Christmas Eve 2019.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day 2019.
Dec 26 – Kwanzaa 2019. (until Jan 1)
Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve 2019.

December 2019 Editable Calendar

A free December calendar which can edit and add notes or something important is here. This December 2019 Editable Calendar available in word, pdf, png then you can download any type you want.

Blank December 2019 Calendar

Editable Calendar December 2019

Fillable Calendar December 2019

December 2019 Calendar Printable

december 2019 calendar printable with holidays
Moon Phases or Full Moon Calendar 2019 is important thing that many people want to know. This December 2019 Calendar Printable can help you find all information for moon phases in December 2019.

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